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McCague Scientific Consulting

Welcome to the Web-Site of McCague Scientific Consulting helping to solve your challenges in life-science chemistry and related scientific matters.

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  • Synthesis
    Within Synthesis Technologies, a focus is on accessing single enantiomer (chiral) targets: see
    [Chiral Technology Page]

    and more generally for the identification of new and inventive synthetic strategies:
    [Organic Synthesis Page]

    This can all be combined to compare and select the best approach for manufacture, see:
    [Route/Process Design Page]
  • Intellectual
    Assistance is offered in IP matters relating to chemical and pharmaceutical technology including patent preparation and giving expert advice and expert witness work, see:
    [Intellectual Property Page]

Contact and Enquiries

  • McCague Scientific Consulting
    77 The Footpath, Coton, Cambridge, UK
  • Tel +44 1954 211122
  • Scientific Consultant:
    Ray McCague
    PhD FRSC
McCague Scientific Consulting has been running since 2005.  the principal areas of consulting are in profiling of pharmaceutical pipeline opportunities, chiral process chemistry, and in separations by crystallisation.

McCague Scientific Consulting