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Synthesis Technology

Synthesis Technology concerns development of the necessary capabilities for a complete solution to the manufacture of a target chemical entity in an innovative and cost effective fashion. In the context of this web-site, that will mostly mean towards pharmaceutical agents of fairly complex molecular structure. This section of the site contains three complementary pages in this regard:

(i) Chiral Technology:
which concerns the selection of technology used to access single enantiomer compounds or to install additional stereocentres into molecules that are chiral. Resolution methods and asymmetric synthesis are about equally important in this regard.
(ii) Organic Synthesis:
which concerns the identification of novel methodology for the construction of molecular frameworks and obtaining the required appended functionality. Often the preferred approach to a given molecular target is not obvious because of the cryptic nature of organic synthesis where structural features characteristic of a synthetic methodology having been used are no longer present in the final product obtained after additional synthetic conversions.
(iii) Route and Process Design:
which concerns the bringing together of organic synthesis and specialised technology options to obtain a synthetic process that could be amenable for scale up and manufacture of a target compound. Often a synthetic and technology analysis reveals several opportunities for process investigation, so early judgement of which are most likely to be successful becomes important

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