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Organic Synthesis

In addition to a background of around 25 years experience in organic synthesis, both in medicinal chemistry and process R&D, the service in organic synthesis benefits from a database of innovative synthetic methods classified by (a) the lead-researcher, and (b) the type of reaction or technology.

An emphasis is made towards methods that are amenable to scale-up; in particular to catalytic methods of bond construction, and those based on simple-to-operate condensation chemistries.  These are nonetheless suited to construction of complex molecules such as natural product mimics, and for reactions that control  aspects of stereochemistry.  That is particularly so when coupled with Chiral Technology expertise.

The database, used for this service (a screen shot of one record is shown below) presently covers the work of over 400 researchers and 1000 reactions from the past 20 years carefully selected for their versatility and amenability to scale-up.

database screen-shot

In the past year, some general observations of developments in the organic synthesis methodology field are:

The researchers who feature most prominently due to the relevance of their methodologies are:

R. Noyori, S.L. Buchwald, B.M. Trost, E.J. Corey, P. Knochel, D.A. Evans, A.I. Meyers, J. Hartwig, B. Feringa, K.B. Sharpless, A.J. Pearson, K. Maruoka, M. Reetz, E.N. Jacobsen, W. Oppolzer, S.G. Davies, H. Yamamoto, M. Beller, T. Ikariya, B.H. Lipsutz, M.J. Burk, T. Hayashi, X. Zhang and S. Kobayashi.

Examples of areas where advice can be particularly focussed are listed as follows:

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